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  • Join me in the fight to change the future of Sjogren’s

    I know months have passed since my last post. As a working mom with a toddler who is more often at home than preschool, this year has been especially challenging for our family. I wanted to let you know that I’m still here and I’m still fighting for the autoimmune community and Sjogren’s during this […]

  • How COVID-19 can improve care for patients with autoimmune diseases

    How COVID-19 can improve care for patients with autoimmune diseases

    It can be hard to focus on the positive outcomes when you’re confronted with the COVID-19 data everyday. You can see Tableau’s Data Resource Hub for Coronavirus (COVID-19) below, which is updated daily. If you are reading this and concerned you might have COVID-19, you can self-assess with this helpful chatbot at home. var divElement […]

  • What it’s like for me to live with Sjögren’s

    What it’s like for me to live with Sjögren’s

    April is Sjögren’s Awareness Month. Every year, the #ThisisSjögrens campaign takes off and I find myself speaking out in the hopes that someday our world might start to take this disease more seriously. Symptoms I’ve learned to live with Sjögren’s is not a cookie cutter disease. It’s not just a “dry eyes and mouth” disease. […]

  • New year, new health challenges for this autoimmune mama

    New year, new health challenges for this autoimmune mama

    Being a mom with an autoimmune disorder really has its challenges. Sometimes I just have to say, “this sucks” aloud and angry cry until it stops hurting on the inside. I never thought life would be like this in my 30s. It’s another Saturday that I’m stuck at home in pain instead of enjoying the […]

  • Christmas cookies for the autoimmune mom

    Christmas cookies for the autoimmune mom

    Buckeyes Buckeyes are super easy to adapt and make if you’re on a paleo or vegan diet. I prefer to use peanut butter, but if you need to substitute, I highly recommend trying almond butter. I made these last year with medjool dates instead of coconut palm sugar while I was recovering postpartum. They’re healthier […]

  • Eye care and makeup tips for dealing with blepharitis and dry eye diseases

    I’ve been asked by some of my readers about my eye care and makeup routine. As part of managing my dry eyes and Sjogren’s, I follow a strict regimen outside of seeing a trustworthy optometrist and ophthalmologist every 4 months. I only use certain products on my face on a daily basis. My daily eye […]

  • Tips for managing your autoimmune disease, especially in pregnancy.

    It’s especially important to take precautions when you live with an autoimmune disease and must seek constant medical advice from providers and professionals. 1. Know the hospital you will go to for emergencies. Are they familiar with your autoimmune disease? Do they know your rheumatologist and other specialists you see? Do they have all your […]

  • Going off routine: the reality that is parenting with an autoimmune disease.

    Being a parent is hard work. Being a parent with an autoimmune disease can feel like tackling an impossible job. So I’m going to be completely honest with you and share what it’s actually like sometimes. Managing several viruses and infections in the first year of parenthood They say you get sick a lot in […]